Bible Quiz: Deuteronomy & Romans

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RankUserTime TakenAmount CorrectTotal Questions
1Jessy Anish 7 min 6 sec 2525
2SHINY S SIMON 9 min 57 sec 2425
3Jessy Anish 5 min 19 sec 1925
4Aksa Susan Thomas 9 min 20 sec 1925
5CHRISTIMOL ROBIN 9 min 53 sec 1925
6Jessy Anish 4 min 23 sec 1625
7Ullas Sebastian 4 min 26 sec 1625
8Ullas Sebastian 5 min 3 sec 1625
9Nisha Pambrayil 6 min 42 sec 1525
10Reena Mariyakutty Samuel 10 min 0 sec 1525

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Malayalam Bible

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Click here for bible study on Deuteronomy.

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Using technologies in reading & learning the bible. Study Notes and Materials are available for learning.

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You can able to complete the whole bible in 2years by reading 2 chapters per day .

Certification & Prizes

At end of the quiz, we will issue the certificate and give the best prizes to the 3 toppers of the quiz.